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Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Ink


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Drawing Ink Rohrer & Klingner

The three available tones (Blister, Sepia, and Black) are produced with traditional methods, applying the vehicle shellac and fine colorants on a watery basis.

The ink flows easily from several writing and drawing utensils and is particulary suited for drawing lines as well as fully covered and wet-in-wet water coloured areas.

It also offers a multitude of other artistic applications.

Gold and Silver Drawing inks are water-based liquid bronze and Iriodin® tints to be used for decoration purposes and for calligraphy. For visual and technical reasons, a bronze pigment (copper alloy) is used for the gold colour and a coated mica pigment is used for the silver.

The inks are ready-to-use and can be thinned with water. They can be applied with a brush, feather, drawing pen or air brush (nozzle: 0.5-0.8 mm) on paper, cardboard and wood. Porous media should first be primed with a common primer – e.g. an emulsion gesso – before applying gold or silver. Other media such as fabric, metal or glass should be tested for adhesiveness and moistening before application.

Both tints are gleaming and brilliant and are waterproof after adequate time is allowed for it to dry. They are mixable with each other and can be dyed with Rohrer & Klingner Calligraphy inks.

Metallic effects and other colour effects can be created depending on the way the ink is applied. For example, through dabbing, washing or flowing a bit of blue to the gold tint, and antique look can be created. Also, coloured media influence the visual appearance of both tints. Dark red enhances the gold tint considerably; silver may be applied to a green or blue background.Contains: Metal pigment for gold and shellac, mica pigment (Iriodin®) for silver, acrylic resin, water.


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Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Ink

Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Ink

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